Car Accident Injury Lawyers

Meeting a car accident attorney can save you time and money. Car accidents are always jarring experiences. The hassles of car repairs, insurance, and treating injuries will alter your daily routine for a while. Many people don’t consider meeting a car accident lawyer. But this is something that could help you out a lot, and it’s often free. Some car accident injury lawyers work on contingency, meaning that you don’t have to pay unless you receive compensation from the insurance company or other responsible parties. Upon receiving a settlement, they get a previously agreed-upon percentage of the amount.

What to Bring When Meeting a Car Accident Lawyer

For your first time meeting a car accident lawyer, you may not know what to expect. But it’s quite simple. You will have to fill out forms that describe the details of your car accident as well as your personal injury information. To decide on whether he or she will take on your case, the lawyer needs to review the information you provide. Bringing your insurance information and the other party’s along with claim numbers is also beneficial. Also, you should provide a list of hospital visits, doctors’ visits, or other medical expenses. If you cannot obtain this information, it’s possible that the lawyer’s staff can do some research and find it, but it’s ideal if you bring as much information as possible.

The Actual Meeting with the Car Accident Lawyer

After the paperwork, you will usually then meet the car accident lawyer face-to-face. At times, potential clients meet with a paralegal instead; however, if it’s possible, you should attempt to talk with the lawyer himself to begin building rapport and to start to get to know who your lawyer may be, as they will be your personal advocate in dealing with your case. In this meeting with the car accident lawyer, he or she will discuss your case in more detail, filling in any gaps that the written forms may not address. Also, this meeting is an opportunity for the lawyer to get to know you a little bit. You will ask any questions you may have about your case and, if the lawyer takes your case, you may begin discussing how to proceed.

What Happens After the Car Accident Lawyer Accepts Your Case

At this point, if the car accident lawyer takes your case, you will receive a contingent fee retainer agreement document to sign. This document, which could also be called a legal services contract, will outline the percentages of a settlement that your lawyer would receive if you obtain a settlement. Don’t be surprised if the lawyer’s staff asks for a picture of you or wants to take one; often they send photographs to insurance companies to put a face to the claim. Medical release papers will also have to be signed so that the lawyer and his staff will have free access to your records.